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DIY Stenciling 101!

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 I have had this tray for a while...last year I did this to it...
And it was ready for a change!

Also I had a bunch of plastic I found at the thrift store 
that I've been using for silhouette cutter mats...here.
With the thought that I would use them for stencils someday.
I know they sell sheets of thick plastic for stencils at places 
like Hobby Lobby and Lowes...
 I cut out a Moroccan background on the silhouette cameo...
And then traced it with sharpie onto my plastic.
 Then I cut it out with an x-acto knife and tiny tip scissors...
 ta da!
 I sprayed the back of it with Krylon repositionable adhesive.
this stuff...from hobby lobby for about $8...
worth every penny, but use a coupon!
Then positioned it on my wood tray.  
Which was removed from the metal, 
painted light blue and dry.
 I used white paint and a stipple brush and dabbed in the spaces.
I went over it twice, then removed the stencil while the paint was still wetish.
 I waited for the paint to dry before going on to the next section...
 Time consuming, yes.  Good thing it was a serving tray and not the wall!
 The edges weren't super crisp...so I touched up a bit with
 a paintbrush and then lightly sanded it.  Then wax sealed it.
 Love it!


1 comment:

kijsa said...

Very cool! I love the stencil...did it take you long to cut out? I came to you via pinterest and your rocket power jet!!

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