Upcycled wood Star Wars Mirrored sign: May the Force be with you!

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I have this tiny little half bathroom 
off the side of the laundry room.
It doesn't get used much, but it is SUPER boring!
This is what it looks like when 
you are just sitting there.
A big, huge mirror.  lovely.
And we rent, so that's a no on taking
 down the flag trim border either...
So I had a great plan to make a 
sign to fill the wall.
I found this FREE scrap piece of 
wood on the side of the road.
It was full of holes, had grease stains and cuts... 
the back side looked slightly better.
 I cut it 2 by 3 feet and round routed the edges.
Primed it lightly in white
 Then added some brushed on colors...
 I had a little helper too!

 And some light copper spray...the helper did that part too!
Then I coated it with gray spray paint.
 It took me a few days to decide what to put on the sign...
Then, it hit me!
What a perfect phrase to put in the bathroom!
Used my silhouette to cut out letters 
out of cardstock.
then, I reversed them!  Brilliant!
and traced the stencil.
(This could be done this with vinyl)
Once it was penciled on, 
I painted it with white paint...with a paintbrush by hand...
 All reversed...get the plan?
 Outlined the white letters in black paint.
 Took it out to the garage and distressed it a bit...
brought out that blue, red and copper paint, just a tad.
Then I wax finished it to seal it.
Here's how it looks finished!

(there is zero natural light in the bathroom)
Here's how it looks 
while you are just sitting there...
Awesome and inspiring!



How clever to make it so that it reads correctly when reflected in the mirror. We love Star Wars too & often say, "May the force be with you" in every day life! Thanks for sharing this at my par-tay!

Warmly, Michelle