Lacy Teacart---yes more lace!

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10:30 AM
 We had a bunch of scrap MDF in the garage when we moved in...
so we went to work building things we needed.
I measured, cut and screwed all the pieces for a teacart...
I called it a teacart, but it ended up being less and 
less like one as the project developed!
We took it outside and primed it!

 My husband got in on the painting before I could!
Right after priming, he put some lace on the top and sprayed it teal!
 It turned out great--to my surprise!
 Then he sprayed the rest of it teal.  It worked great!
I finished it off with a poly clear coat just on the top,
because I know I'll be wiping it alot!
 Perfect!  Kind of an additional counter space.
Room for the microwave, mixer,
 China and candy bowl!
 Giving me gangs more counter space!
Love it!


Charlotte said…
Love the look, especially the black and white!
Cool! And please write a post about how to get your hubby to do projects like this on his own! He he.

Warmly, Michelle