Massive Mending!

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10:30 AM

This darling little Hawaiian flower dress 
was too tight around my girls chest...
 Too tight, as in, she wont wear it.
 So I chopped the lovely dress in half...sewed a simple casing...
Then the bodkin saved me.
If you sew, and you don't have one of these...get one!
They hold your elastic or drawstring tight so
 you can fish it through your casing.
 And they are cheap!  Okay, so then I sewed the elastic in.
 Much better, 
Hawaiian skirt that she hasn't wanted to take off!
 Next I hemmed a bunch of leggings...made torn ones into shorts.

As for a popped seam on a ruffle skirt...
My dilemma...I only ever use black or white thread...
 Ah Hah!  Enter in hot pink sharpie!!!
I just colored that white stitching...
 Next were these cub scout patches...
I magically photoshop-blurred focus in only on the date.
Ya, nearly 10 months ago!
Great scout mom!
 After consulting the online patch guide...
 I sewed on the wolf patch and then glued on the arrows...
I may live to regret that decision, but it was easy.
I think that catches up the mending!