Helping Santa!

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10:30 AM
My daughter wanted a LaLaLoopsy doll for Christmas...
but Santa had a terrible time finding one...
and online they were super overpriced.

 He did manage to get two of the mini sets...but
to ease the pain, I decided to make a cat for her.

My plan was to say
"I didn't think Santa would be able to find 
you one, so I made you this instead"

Here's how it went.
Cut out of fleece...which turned out being too stretchy.
I sewed the eyes, cheek and mouth before it was 
sewn so it would be more secure.
 It turned out being way toooooo large on I made it a body and just shoved the head in and hand stitched it...and added the tail.
Made a base and tied a ribbon.
She loved it.
(although I am still to keep a lookout for a lalaloopsy 
at the thrift store or yard sales...)



Charlotte said…
Hope you are able to find this darling doll. I wouldn't mind having one myself:-)