Ruffle Aprons!

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10:30 AM
After seeing so many online, I couldn't 
resist making some ruffle aprons!
I made some for Christmas too...

I began with a large rectangle...
about 20 by 15"
then I a double rolled hem on every side
For the ruffles I cut strips of fabric about twice
the length of the apron and then hemmed them.
I pleated the top and bottom rows so they would lay flatter.
the other rows I ruffled.

I used my scraps of black and whites!
Ready to ruffle the polka-dotted strip!
Do a long stitch across on a long setting.
Take the top thread and gently pull to ruffle.
Careful not to break that thread!

I pinned both ends down, then pinned the middle.
Then sewed it!
Row after row.
I'll be honest.  This was kinda tedious.
I wouldn't make these for a living!

After the last row that I pleated instead of ruffled...
I did one last wide and long band.
Hemmed it and folded it in half over the apron.
I sewed it on so that it would tie 
on the side rather than the back.
So cute, I wish it was a skirt!
More to come!


  1. very cute! my daughter got a sewing machine for Christmas and I bet she'd love to make an apron for herself!

  2. Love it Nat!

    Susan xxox

  3. Oh my goodness!!! That is stinking the side tie too!!! This makes me wish I had a sewing machine...and knew how to use it:-) Thank you so much for sharing with Trick or Treat Tuesdays!!!

  4. Sew cute! and I love the side tie idea. I love half aprons, especially for the kids, one size fits all!


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