Chinese New Year--The Dragon!

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10:30 AM
Chinese New Year and My birthday in a perfect collision!
The Year of the DRAGON!!!
We started a week early with decorations!
I had the 2 older kids make Chinese lanterns, 
while #3 played angry birds...
We made a ton of simple lanterns to hang...
Then we made tissue paper pom poms...
Take 8 layers of tissue paper and accordian fold them in about 2" strips.
Then tie off the center with some yarn.
Cut the edges rounded...then gently separate the layers of tissue paper!
So easy and really fast!
We hung everything up in the party room!

Used my cameo to make an awesome 
banner to string across the room!
And we decorated with anything Asian or colorful!

On Saturday (2 days before said party)
the basement FLOODED again!
Ahhh, we sucked up the water we could and enlisted
the neighbors huge fan to help dry the place out!
It blew down lots of our decor...

But the show must go on.

We had a fabulous spread!
It is the Year of the Dragon!
(so my awesome friend took my 7 year old daughter to
her house ALL day to make this phenomenal Dragon cake
out of ROOT BEER cupcakes!"
(babysitting and cupcakes, do birthday's get better?)

I had to incorporate all 12 of the
Chinese Zodiac signs into the food...

We ate, played games, ate cake and candy and played!


Susan said…
Happy Birthday Nat! Looks like you had loads of fun and received some awesome pressies. That hat rocks by the way... I am so totally a 'hat girl' and that hat is way cool. (Sorry I sound like my 8 year old son!)
Susan xxox
Khstarr2 said…
Awesome Cupcake Dragon! Love it! Food looks good & I can't wait to see what you do This Year!👍😀