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Awesome windstorm treasure

So back in December there was a major windstorm here.
Like every pinetree in the neighborhood was toasted.
Here's ours...thankfully the jeep was fine!
and a stroll through the neighborhood...
Well the windstorm brought down many old wood fences too...
and that is where this story begins.

As I was out on a baby jog last week
(1 mile with all 3 of my kids...even the 3 year old trucking
along...not the best run ever...)
There was a guy tearing out his old fallen fence.
I asked if I could come back and scavenge some.
He said yes.  So I did.
 I took 12 pieces.
Now I am thinking I should've taken more.
 I pounded out nails and screws and just have the
awesomely weathered boards waiting to become 
their full potential.  Blissful.



4you-withlove said...

There's always a silver lining!

Kristin D. said...

I can't wait to see what you make out of. So our pinetree bit the dust. I guess I will have to come and see how the neighborhood has changed since the storm.

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