Does Santa wrap?

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10:30 AM
Does Santa wrap his presents at your house?
All growing up, Santa would leave
us each one unwrapped gift to 
see on Christmas morning!
And then he would wrap the rest.

It was part of our Christmas Eve ritual
to leave handmade tags as well as our 
wrapping paper, ribbons, tape, bows...
out for Santa when he came!

This way Santa didn't have to disguise
his handwriting, hide his wrapping paper
or anything else that might lead to 
unnecessary questioning by children!

This is what I decided to do with my kids.
After all, they know Santa is busy and has
a lot of houses to make it to!

(and since I love to make big beautiful tags,
we did it together to leave out for Santa!)
I stamped Santa, colored him red...
mounted it on kraft paper...
 and let the kids stamp their names.
 they had so much fun...and each made 5 tags.
 Even the 3 year old wanted in on the action!

What do you do at your house?



Charlotte said…
Santa always left our gifts unwrapped when I was growing up and that is how I started with my kids. But they enjoyed unwrapping more so I started wrapping all. Saved me a lot of time! Great idea for the tags. Hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas.
I love this idea, such a great tradition to do with your kids. At our house we wrap everything, although I make sure to get a different paper than what is already under the tree so they know it is from him.