Lollipop Corner!

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10:30 AM
We call this magical curtained corner:
Lollipop Corner!

Hailee has always wanted a secret hideout,
a fort, a playhouse...whatever!
Luck was on our side for this FREE play corner!
Probably my favorite project of the whole room!
These were lacy curtains that came with the house
my sister bought.  When we were at her house, I
asked her what she was going to do with the curtains 
wadded up in the corner.  She appologized and
said she had intended on throwing them away
before we got there.  I gasped!
I am so glad she didn't throw them away, 
I was happy to take them off her hands!
 I took the loop from a failed lampshade...
 Threaded on the lacy {already sewn} curtains...
 Using this chain we had in the garage...I hooked it
on to the loop with boondoggle lanyards
which we also had in the garage.
 I used 3 pieces of chain to make a sort of hanging basket...
 Hung it up on an existing hook on the ceiling...
 got this vinyl sign made as a free gift for ordering 
some business cards online.  Love free!
 Fits everything important!
 She loves her hideout...I love that it hides her toys!



I can't believe those are old curtains! It looks awesome! My daughter would love that! Great job!
Adorable! What a lucky little girl. I can tell she loves it & I would too. You're a great mom.

Warmly, MIchelle