Leather work

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10:30 AM
My hubby is rad.
He is more creative than any man I know.
He is an expert Leather worker...
He has taken old, beat up, broken binding scriptures
and repaired them and given them hope.

He made me an amazing bag!
I told him I wanted Hawaiian flowers:
He did my scriptures:
His scriptures...
Brother in law scriptures:
Someone else's scriptures...
 But that's not all!
(yes, he is magic.)
Hair sticks...
Focus pad...
 Hello phoenix!
A Bull head for his 5 year old son!
 Dungeons and Dragons Dragon Manual...
what nerd wouldn't want this?
a photo album for me.
 a purse for his 3 year old daughter...

I love him.
I married up.


Charlotte said…
Love a talented hubby!
Hey, does your husband sell his work? If so, what's his contact info? Thanks!