Happy Thanksgiving and FREEBIES!

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10:30 AM
 So, last night at 11, I had a major problem!
I felt this terrible pain right in the center of my ribs...
radiating through my whole torso.
I could barely breathe...it hurt so bad!
I had something similar to this in June on my trip to Texas.
I called my parents and they rushed me to the hospital.

As soon as we arrived, I puked.
Then they rushed me through fast track and got me in a room.
Because of the extreme chest pain
they did an EKG and chest x-ray.
The Doctor said it is probably 
 Then he continues to say that it can be caused
by a variety of things...like FUMES!

"No Doctor, I haven't been spray painting...all day!"
 Seriously, I had paint and glaze everywhere!
So, yea...he said to take an anti-inflammatory 
and to not paint for a while.
And, I shouldn't "over-eat"...
 So, after a long night...
Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you have a great day!
Now we can officially get Christmas underway!
Here are some printables I made...
click to enlarge and save off!

We all could use a basic Chevron
Call it an early Christmas!



Aimee said…
very fun. i like the Joy to the World one.
Anonymous said…
If you didn't want the extra calories on Thanksgiving, there are other ways to avoid that. :)
Thanks so much for the chevron backgrounds! I just pinked them!
creationsnz said…
Thank you for sharing your talent with us