Fancy Room knick knacks!

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10:30 AM
Lots of fun little things to throw 
into the Fancy room!

This mirror I got super cheap (33 cents)
because it didn't have a base...
lucky for me, I had a perfect fit!
(hoarding...pays off)
Needed to be painted though!
 I painted it silver and glazed it with black!  Love it!
Got this frame for 33 cents...
 Painted and glazed it!  Semi-gloss white...
A little command velcro on the wall and frame...
Because it is lightweight plastic,
it stays up perfectly!
This mirror was a pale pasty pink...
snazz it a bit to match...
 glaze it!  Great for the Mirror Mirror on the wall!
(side note about the mirror...
if ever my daughter says something unkind 
or belittling about herself 
{which happens, because lets face
it...we do that as girls}
...I make her stand
in front of the mirror and say at least 
10 nice things about herself!  
It has worked wonders)

My kids call dress forms "bobbers"...
 This bobber was painted pink and strung with jewelry!
 Yay for organization!

Got this carousel horse cheap!
(75 cents)
missing a top piece...
 and this shelf was $2
Primed, painted and glazed both!
Ta da!
 I think this concludes the room redo!
Let me know if you have any questions!



Kristin D. said…
What did you do with the print in the frame? It is a Hummel...they are expensive. If it is old enough it could be worth a bit.