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Doctor Who related silhouette stencils!

I love Dr. Who! {here}
I revised some Dr. Who fan art so it 
could be used with my silhouette or as a stencil...
I am using these for a top secret project...for now
I'll share in January!
I am such a GEEK!

I know you want to make your own fan art...so here!
I lifted these from multiple sources 
and changed them up a bit...
Dalek...they are supreme

You'll need your adipose baby...

 Fun new logo...
 Sonic screwdriver of course!
 and K-9...



Rebecca said...

Hi! I am wanting to make my daughhter and brother DrWho shirts with a stencil. My friend has a vinyl machine and I am wondering if you successfully used yours to make a stencil? Please let me know!

Becky Home Ecky said...

How do I download these files? I click on them and they are a slideshow. I was the last comment (above) and I WON a silhouette cameo on Easter from House of Hepworths! I finally got a new computer that can handle the cameo software, so I am a total newbie. Thanks in advance for your response!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the stencils! I am going to use them to make rubber stamps with my stampmaker!

MamaWag said...

Do you have these as .studio or .svg files? Is it possible to get a copy of the .svg or .studio file from you? If you could pretty please email them to me or post them as a downloadable link, I would be super thankful to you. I want to use them for personal use only. I have kids (as well as myself) who are super whovians, and the Christmas budget is tight. I was blessed with a Silhouette, so I am hoping to make them tshirts. Many thanks! Katie

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