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Antique heirloom frame!

Drooly Antique/heirloom frame!
Okay, I love it!
 At this point I am going to do a little backstory...
feel free to skip to the pics!

My husband used to deliver water 9 years ago...
on one of his deliveries he came across a peculiar house being built.
It was a Haunted House...on a street called Whit's End!
just 5 minutes from where we lived.
They were really building their modern construction home to
look like a haunted house...a combination of 
gray and black stones, flagstone paths, gargoyles...the works!
(my favorite holiday is Halloween...and I met my 
husband on Halloween...so I can see us liking the 
idea of a haunted house!--weird, maybe...)

In October, we scored a huge load of awesome vintagey 
frames and things from this exact haunted house!
Ya, typical Harry Potter/haunted house frames and things!
I don't know why they were selling it all...
I suspect it was the dad's dream...because the 
people selling items kept mentioning their dad...no matter.
I benefited royally.
 Here is my first pick...
My sister-in-law and I split up the lot!
I call him "the Knight"...
 Its just plastic.  I primed it, spray painted it Heirloom White.
 Glazed it.
 And don't really know where to put it yet, 
so it sits atop a dresser looking awesome!

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