Haunted Woods!

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10:30 AM
Our neighbors have a great yard that winds down a path 
of scrub oak and into the backyard of another neighbor...
every year now, for 4 years they've done the 
Haunted Woods Spooky alley for Halloween...
This year.  I wanted in.
I asked if I could help. 
Mostly because I love Halloween!

It was so much fun!  This is the perfect amount of scary for kids!  
The last 3 years, at least one of my kids ended up crying.  
The neighbor kids already had a pretty great idea of
what they wanted to be and what they wanted to happen.  
I had a meeting with them to reign in any out there ideas...
(only one, tying a little girl up in the tree...)
So I changed that a bit to have a giant spider tethered 
on a rope that we could lower like a pinata onto unsuspecting travelers.

To make the spider I used 2 black garbage bags...
lots of crumpled newspapers and grocery bags...
and lots of clear packing tape to just tape the thing together.
I used 2 black shoelaces (72") to wrap the 
creature and make it suitable for hanging.
 legs were rolls of black butcher paper...
 taped on...simple!
We hung it in the tree in the background of this pic!
 Dressed and ready for scary!
 Mad Scientist, Headless horseman,
 ghosts, zombies, spiderman,
 witches with a brew, dry ice and lots of screaming kids...
 And a fabulous lit 'river of death'!
So. Much. Fun!
It was great!
I didn't get pictures once the event started...because
it got dark SO fast!  But we had a great night!
At the end we gathered in the backyard of the neighbor
for Halloween cookies, snacks and hot cocoa!