Bloody Candlesticks!

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10:30 AM

Bloody Candlesticks!

Perfect for a Halloween Murder mystery dinner...

Red bloody drips all over black candles.

Start with RED taper candles...
make sure that the red color goes all the way through,
not just dipped over the last couple of layers.
(mine were given to us by an old lady...
and so I just scratched them with my fingernail.)

Spray paint or paint them black!
I sprayed them and it stayed sticky for a while...
they had to dry for a day and a half...when I do this again,
I will just paint with a brush...
it doesn't have to be perfect!

I did one candle at a time.
Put in a candle holder that you don't mind splattering with wax.

I started out using a lighter to get the drips going, but the lighter went out.
So I got a chopstick...the disposable kind from restaurants...
and burned it. It held a flame really well and made it easy to work the drips!

I wasn't going for subtle on these!

The kids all joined in the fun too!
We did 5 candles total.

A little charcoal drawing never hurt!

Love how the wick curled like that!

So fun! Perfect for Halloween!
The candelabra adds the crowning finish!



What a super creative idea for spooky candlesticks. Would have never thought of this. Excellent! I am a new Twitter follower from the Sundae Scoop. Vicky from
Unknown said…
GENIUS! Now I want to have a party so I can make these candles.
how easy!!! I always wondered how to make them look like thanks for sharing!!!
Great idea! The candelabra is perfect for them too.

J's mom said…
Love it! Please post this, and anything else you may have,in my link party at


Cool-o-rama! I am tucking this creative idea away for future use. I just love coming by & seeing what you've been up to. It's always something awesome. Thanks so much for linking up to Fabulous Friday. Please do come back next week!

Warmly, Michelle