Anthro Reassembled Mirror Knock-off!

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10:30 AM
I've been intrigued by this mirror for a long time
and thought it would be fun to make a knock-off...
Here is my version: $1.50

 Here's what I did...
First, I found these scroll cut pieces at the thriftstore...
no doubt they fit together to make something that broke...
so I snatched them for $1.00
 Walked over to my dad's house to use the
bandsaw and cut them into skinnier pieces...
with a tad more character...
Then I ever-so-lightly spray painted them heirloom white...
 Then I sanded up the edges and here and there...
 For the mirror:
I found this hunk o' junk at the thriftstore on base for 50 cents!
I sprayed it blue and glazed it with black a while back.
and I hated there it sat...until now.
(okay, hate is a strong word, but the mirror
doesn't have much character...and it's 
odd shaped...and it needs help...)
So I painted over it with Seafoam Green paint.
 A little hot glue lovin'...
 The hardest thing for me is to get past the 
symmetry that I want everything to have!
I just tried to hurry, pick up random pieces and 
glue them on without over thinking!
and presto!
Clearly, both mirrors have their strong points...
but at savings of $496.50...I'll take mine!
It's so hard for me to get a
good picture of a mirror!
any tips?


Anonymous said…
It needs more depth, glue more pieces of stuff on top, not the flat cutouts. Keys and gears might work. It kinda reminds me of a destroyed grandfather clock.