Lightbulb and what I got!

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10:30 AM
Thinking about light.
I for one, totally take light and electricity for granted.
When the power goes out I think,
"since I can't use the computer...why don't we 
eat popcorn and watch a movie...?"
Ya, that smart.
(Photo by Flickr user back_garage)

So I had heard before that children are
more productive in bright lights rather than
dimming/going out lighting.  
There was a bulb out in the's been out for months.
But since Mr. Army is gone, I knew that it 
was solely up to me to change that bulb...
I just did it. 
My daughter has thanked me 12 times!
I guess good lighting really does make a difference!
And here are 2 things you can do with the old bulb!
{even when the power is out}

Look what I found yesterday!  :)
Total GOLD score!  Can't wait to see what I do with these!