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Toilet Paper rolls?
I swore I'd never save these...but stumbled across this on pinterest!
 Knowing that I was destined to make them...I started to stockpile the TP rolls
I cut a piece of black paper  the tallness of my roll...mine was 4.5"
...but they are a variety of sizes, so measure before cutting!
The paper had to be long enough to go around once and overlap about an inch.
4.5 by 7"
Then I applied a generous amount of adhesive...
and rolled it on not super carefully!
 I did 6 for a party...they were at all the placemats.
 Then, to make sure they stayed rolled/taped...and to add some
Halloween Frankenstein appeal...I stapled the seam.
 I used an old gift bag with subtle black on black pinstripes
to make the wings.
Oh, the things you can make with garbage!
I used the edges...this allowed me to cut 2 sets of wings 
at a time that were automatically reversed of each 
other due to the folding in the bag...genius!
 Glorious little wings!
Here's my wing pattern!
Okay, I stuck the wings on with a large glue dot,
but any adhesive would probably work.
Then I used my trusty old
uni-ball Signo white paint pen to draw on the face...
Then with scraps of the black paper I cut little ears...
I cut two triangles with a band across for easy gluing...
I just eye-balled this part!  Not symmetrical at all!
Ahh, so cute!
Then I got this gorgeous little gift bags and put a
handful of peanut m&m's in them...
(2 handful's wouldn't fit in the tube!)
Tuck them inside for the cutest little Halloween table decor!
What a hit!
We love them so much, over the weekend we will attempt a 
myriad of other Halloween TP roll creations!


Lauryn Ashli said…
this is great.
i would love for you to link this up to flashback fridays going on now at love notes!
{love} lauryn @ lovenotesbylauryn.blogspot.com
Anonymous said…
It's the bags! Love the dollar section at Target!
*Jeana* said…
Thoses are so cute..