3 Fabulous houses!

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10:30 AM
For a RS activity last night we visited the homes
of three awesomely talented ladies!
It was super fun to get home decor ideas!
Check them out!

 Love the letter wall!  
Each letter represents someone in their family!
Love the pillar wall/shelf! 
So many fun ideas under one roof!
 Loved this oversized chair!
 Old windows from her mother's home...
Awesome decor!
 Blurry, but a chain link fence gate bulletin board!
with all my photoshop swirly madness!

Every room of her house was DARLING!
Even the bathrooms!
There were beautiful frames with family pics!
 The princess suite for the 2 little girls!
So cute, love love love the chandelier!
 Little boy room!  Loved the colors and this mismatched dresser!
 Super huge and gorgeous frame!
Given to her by her grandma...want one. really bad.

The Castle.
(remodeled home took 7 years)
Hand carved wood throughout the home!
Check out the front door!
(ya, that would take me 7 years!)
 All the furniture was custom built.  Amazing.
 Ya, this is the kitchen cupboards, oven and refrigerator!
 Bathroom sinks.

Such a fun variety of houses!
I had a great time tonight and a plethera of 
awesome ideas bombard my head!
Glad I took some pictures!