Lady Gaga Hair bows!

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1:02 AM
 Hailee and I helped out at a Young Women's activity
teaching some simple up-do's!
I had to mimic the Lady Gaga "hair bow"...
which all the young women loved!
It's way simple...
and great for one of those attention getting days!

 4 SIMPLE Directions:
#1:  Start with a looped ponytail bun with 
the tail of the hair toward your face...
 #2: Split that bun in half
 #3: Pull that "tail" over the top of the split like a bow...
you get the idea...bobby pin in place
#4: Proceed to bobby pin and hairspray the crap out of it!
Pin, tuck and spray all those loose ends.  
Pin the "loops of the bow" down on the sides...
(I didn't do this step on myself...but I did on Hailee)
Anyways, a fun step up from just a bun!
Great for those 2nd or 3rd day hair days!
Thanks for looking!


Unknown said…
This is so fun!! I'd love for you to link up!!
Michelle said…
I just wanted to let you know I saw this pinned on Pinterest and followed your directions to do my daughters hair for crazy hair day at school :D I've posted pictures on my blog and have put a link back to your blog too.
Thanks for sharing!