Sewing Machine thread system...

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3:48 AM
So, thought I would share with you my secret to success!
My mom did the same thing...and I know why now!

I went to the store to buy some thread for the sewing machine...
a little spool of thread...I don't remember how 
many yards were on it, but it was $1.94
and on the same rack were the serger threads...
$1.94 for 3000 yards!
Clearly...I want the best value for my 2 bucks!

So, I got a small piece of wood from the scrap pile...
as nice or not nice as you want
Then get a wire coat hanger...hard to find 
these days, I know!
The hanger has to be tall enough that the thread comes
off the spool without binding mine is 19 inches tall, 
2 inch arm with a loop to keep the thread in place.

Drill small hole for the hanger...and then
hot glue it in there!
Then hot glue your spool right onto the wood...
I have 2 (black and white)
When the spool runs out of thread, you can just 
stack another spool on top.

And there you go!
Easy, and saves you money from buying small spools of thread...
Hey--if you sew as much as I's way cost effective!

Thanks for looking, happy sewing!



Amy said…
Awesome idea!! I will have to look for that kind of thread next time I'm shopping for thread. I just taught myself to sew and don't have much now (don't get to sew very often) but could totally stand to get some for when I will have time.
Harmony Gibbs said…
Though this is not recomended because serger thread is not as strong as regular sewing thread, i do this too. My trick is to take a small short spool of thread and shove it up in the bottom of the serger thread cone. That way it fits on my macheine and spins just fine,. :)