Cake Stands DIY!

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3:33 PM
Here are some cake stands I made!
I love this and now am constantly on the prowl for 
fun candlesticks and cool plates!  Each cake or cupcake/bonbon
stand cost between $1.25 and $2.00
Once it's summer, I'll score big at yardsales and 
be able to make these for 50 cents or less!

Here is the basic process:
gather supplies:
candlestick or cool glass
plate of sorts
E6000 glue 
(some people use epoxy or gorilla glue, 
but E6000 holds tight and is cheap and IS rated for glue to glass)

gather supplies, have a good work surface
Squeeze glue on the rim of the candlestick...and don't try to take a picture while you do it!
Center on underside of plate and let dry overnight
Waiting patiently...
Still drying...
Ta Da!  Fabulous tiered cake stands for your next party!

Add bon-bons for the perfect touch!

Now...what to do with all these cake stands?
I have nothing on top of my fridge so I arrange
them up there to look fabulous--party or not!
Also, I think they would be such a cute gift for a friend's birthday...
adorned with a big cupcake and some chocolate!
Thanks for looking!


MARIE said…
This is pretty much the coolest post I have ever read! Cake stands are my favorite thing on this planet and for some reason it just never even crossed my mind to make one myself. INSPIRED!