Mermaid Scales Tie Dye Shirt DIY!

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Mermaid Scales Tie Dye Shirt DIY!

Use Tie Dye to create a mermaid scale finish on a cotton t-shirt, perfect for Summer fun. Tie dye is so simple and fun to use. 

The tie dye works perfectly with this pattern, it has an ombre vibe and looks awesome!  

Supplies Needed for Mermaid Scale Tie Dye Shirt:

100% Cotton Shirts
One Step Tie Dye Kit (Shibori is perfect)
Clear Glue
Garbage Bag
Covered Work Space

Step 1: Scales on the Shirt

Begin by covering the cardboard in the garbage bag and inserting it in the shirt. Then use the clear glue to draw scales on the shirt.

Lift the shirt away from the garbage bag and cardboard every once in a while to prevent the shirt from sticking to the cardboard.

Once dry, you can turn the shirt over and continue the scales on the other side if desired. 

Step 2: Tie Dye Time!

Now get out the Tulip One Step Tie Dyes.

Mix up the tie dye according to the package directions. Fill to the line with warm water and shake up the dye. Set the shirt on a covered table, I like to work outside if the weather is nice.

Dip the shirt gently in a bucket of warm water. Then place it back down on the table.

Then put on your gloves and squeeze the dye over the top of the shirt. It will bleed through to the other side, so there is no reason to turn the shirt over.

The glue will act as a resist and leave the lines showing through. Once the shirt is covered, leave it on the table but cover with a garbage bag to help it hold in the warmth.

After 8 hours of warm sunning, rinse the shirt out on the patio with the garden hose. Rinse until the water runs clear out of the shirt. At this point, the water will begin to break down the clear glue, leaving the white lines behind.

Rinse the shirt and then run it through the washing machine on a normal cycle. Now it is ready to wear! Sport your Mermaid scale tie dyed shirt all Summer long!

That's it!

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  1. Don’t make my mistake!!! I spent a many hours putting perfect mermaid scales on a sleeveless t-shirt. And used lots of glue sticks!! I had some Rit dye so I decided to use that. I got my water good and hot, added salt and put my shirt in. All the glue melted and caused a huge mess. I am SOOO disappointed!! This was a big FAIL for me. Make sure you use a the dye kit!!!


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