Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters Book Cover DIY

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 Harry Potter Book of Monsters Book Cover DIY
I love Harry Potter and all the fun crafts that come from it.  I've wanted to make The Monster Book of Monsters for a long time!  This would make a great gift for a fellow Potter geek!

Remember how to open the book properly?
Stroke the spine!

 The movie prop is a fur leather with the words embossed right on top.  It has claws, teeth and 4 beedy eyes.  Yuck!

Mine is much more plush, but a very doable DIY too!

 Let's get started!

You will need: (aff links)

This fur is just about the right size to fit the book already.

 Just measure it and cut a strip of fur down the length of it so it is about 1/2 inch bigger than the sides of the book.  Cut just the backing of the fur so you don't give an unruly haircut to the fur!

 Then the fur just pulls apart and has nice long pieces.

Now arrange over your book with the flaps folded inside the book like a book cover.
Ruffle the fur up where you want to place the eyes.

 The eyes have ridges on the backside that receive the backing.

 Cut a tiny slit in the fur and press the eye into the hole.

 Press the backing over the end and press it down tight until it pops in place down a couple ticks.

 Repeat for all 4 eyes.

 So far so good!  It's kind of creepy to look at!

 Use some pliers to clip off most of the back of the eye.  Keep it tall enough to stay hooked on the back piece...but just so it doesn't stick out as far.

Then add some hot glue to the edge of the cover.

 Fold over about an inch and a half and use clothespins to hold in place.

 Fit the cover on the sketchbook and then judge the distance you need on the other side.

 Glue down the other side and then let glue cool.  Insert the sketchbook and prepare for geekery on an epic scale!  You could finish it off with a belt too!

 Looks like I am ready to head back to Hogwarts and take Care of Magical Creatures 101.
Love it!  I decided not to do the claws and gross teeth.  Get as creative as you want!

 This would be a great handmade gift for a Harry Potter fan!  I bet they don't already have one!
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