Princess Anna Pink Cape!

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Princess Anna (from Disney's Frozen) Pink Cape!
With adorable clasp and capelet!
 I'll be honest myself and say that I thought Frozen was a literary fail.
The story line, the script, the writers...disappointing.
I wasn't thrilled with the music either...but.
I loved the costumes!
And frankly, Anna's costume is the most magnificent!
 So, if you haven't already made yourself a cape,
you've got time to sew one up for Halloween!
This one took me 2 hours.
Or...make one for Christmas...great gift idea too!
 Instructions are for an adult size female cape...make adjustments as necessary.
We used 3 yards of hot pink fabric
2 yards of purple pom pom trim
2 yards of purple ric rac
Silver cloak clasp
needle and embroidery floss
strip of webbing for stiffening collar
I didn't take as many pictures as I should have.
But here goes.
The material I used was very stretchy...which made sewing it a little difficult,
but made it hang and drape really pretty!
For the long part of the cape, I cut a square piece 60" by 60"
and folded over the top and hemmed it twice in rows.
Very much like this GOLD CAPE I did last year.
 I took some white cord and my bodkin...
 And threaded it through the hems.
This is the PERFECT way to gather material evenly.
 I folded it in half and rounded off the front of the cape.
Ended up cutting off about 6 inches off the bottom too.
Make it fit your height.
Now set that long cape aside.
 For the capelet,
I cut an almost donut like shape.
It's a little longer on the sides because it has to go down over the shoulders.
12 inches on the front and back with about 18 inches on the sides.
All rounded up to the front where the collar will attach.
The center circle is 6 inches in diameter.
 I stitched the pom pom trim underneath the capelet edge.
 Like so.
This fabric was SO stretchy that I had to gather it in a little or
 it would stretch and pull too much!
(just a mild frustration)

 Next the ric rac was sewn right over the top of the capelet, right on the edge to cover
the seams from sewing on the pompom trim.
 Last step is the collar.
I used a little bit of white webbing for added stiffness for this stretchy fabric.
Depending on what material you use, this might not be necessary.
 Just cut a piece long enough for the collar...and doubled.
Fold it over and hem the edge to make a casing.
 Flip it right side out and thread the webbing inside the casing.
 Now I pinned the long draped gathered cape...
to the short pom pom trimmed capelet...
to the collar!
In the process, I broke the needle of the machine and got flustered and
 didn't take any more detailed pictures!
But...PIN it in place.
Try it on with the pins and see if that works.
Then you just have to sew it together.
 You can see the edge is again, a little sloppy.
But the sparkly pink material is so pretty!
(any tips on sewing stretchy material???)
Next I used hot pink embroidery floss and sewed on the adorable clasp!
 The back hangs and drapes so pretty!
 It turned out fabulous!
 And this little lady almost wished it was for her--we did it for a friend.
I need to make another one now!
You probably know how much we love capes!
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