Silhouette Cameo Custom Panel!

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6:00 AM
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I had no idea this was even an option until last week!
Boring control panel

In your Silhouette Library you will find "control panel"
open it up...don't adjust the size, it's good to go!
I cut 2...
Pick some cute paper...
Pull out your control panel cover...

These fit pretty good...some slight offs, not worth tweaking, 
BUT there are no holes for the lights.
The one that came with it has 2 holes...
So I lined up my paper and the one that was included and 
used my hole punch to make 2 little holes.
Like so.
Refit the paper and the cover!
Change it up whenever you want!
Love it!

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Meredith said…
OMG!!! I had no idea that was what that cut file was're a genius!!! Heading upstairs to pick a cute paper right now!!! Thank you!
Patty said…
Thank you for this tutorial! I made the cutout but didn't realize the plastic cover came off. I had used glue dots to hold it on and then used Goo Gone to remove the glu dots!
Angel said…
OMG!!! Thanks for posting this! I thought it was a die cut for a remote control! Silly me:)
Unknown said…
You are my hero of the day! This is so awesome! Thanks so much!!