Kitchen Table/Island with Casters!!!

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Kitchen Table/Island with Casters!!!
 This is a project I wanted to do for a long time!
I wanted a table, that was counter height--so it could double as an island...
but on wheels...for mobility.
I was sent these amazing casters from Rockler in exchange for this post.

4" Polyurethane Casters, Total-Lock Swivel (Plate Mount)
 So, I knew I wanted casters.
But I didn't know anything about casters before this project.
These are amazing.  They are strong, they lock solid, they are easy to release.
They roll smoothly and all around.
They are worth the money.
 The table we inherited was counter height.
If we put the casters on the legs of the table, they wouldn't have the support they need...
and it would make the table 5.5 inches taller.
 We've been renovating our house.
We have it all trimmed out in pine.
Nevermind the plaid couch that needs recovering...
or the floral's to protect our beautiful laminate flooring while we finish up projects.
So we used some pine boards and cut them to fit the length and width of the table.
 Then attached them to each other as well as to the table.
This raises up the location of the casters and makes the table only 1.5 inches taller.
 Super easy to mount the casters.
 Repeated 4 times.
 It's awesome!
We have a leaf for the table too, so it can get much longer.
The wood supports make a great foot rest too!
 And I love that I can roll the table around depending on where I need it!
Win win!
I love the mobility!
Check out Rockler for more great Woodworking and Hardware!

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