STAR WARS Queen Amidala Celebration Hair and Make-up!

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Queen Amidala Celebration Ceremony Hair and Make-up!
 Not quite as iconic as Princess Leia buns, but just as fabulous!
Queen Amidala looks fabulous at the celebration at the end of Phantom Menace.
 We did a quick and easy tutorial for Padme Amidala's hair!
You will need:
Rhinestone tiara or headband...we are using this one
5 Hair Rollers (dollar store)
5 Elastics
Lots of bobby pins
 Start with a pony tail right on top,
 Put the tiara on and tie the side pony tails with the headband
 going through the middle of them.
 So basically 5 pony tails in a star shape close to the edges of the face so they can be
 seen from the front...since that is the only thing that matters.
 Take a roller and wrap the hair around it all the way to the pony holder.
 Bend in the edges of the roller and bobby pin in place.
Fluff the hair around the roller so it doesn't show...or don't worry about it.
 Fluff the front so it looks full from the front.
 Repeat for all 5 ponytails
 Add some light powder and draw on some dots on the cheeks...
as well as the split lip look!
Add a white dress, feathery cape, or parasol!
 This would be a great look for the theater showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

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Lillian Marie said…
Yooo, never thought about using hair rollers for this, genius! Gonna try this as a Disneybound look—thanks for the inspo!