CAMPING WEEK! Homemade Beef Jerky!

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 CAMPING WEEK!  Homemade Beef Jerky!
Have you purchased beef jerky lately?
It's about $18 a pound here!
It's easy and cost effective to make your own!
First you will need a Nesco Jerky gun and flavor/cure packets.
You can get the gun and 5 packets of flavor for about $20.
This will do 5 pounds of meat.

And you will need extra lean ground beef...I know, right?
No expensive cuts of meat, you can use lean ground meat that costs around $3.50 a pound!
I got a 10 pound log of meat at WinCo.
I split it into 10 one pound sections and did 1 pound at a time.
Add one packet of cure and flavoring and mix well!
Open up the gun and fill with meat.
It's basically like a caulking gun...with different attachments for strips or tubes.
Then just squeeze out on your dehydrator sheets!
You can get a dehydrator with the gun for pretty reasonable price...
then you can dry all sorts of things!
I set it at 160* and dehydrate for 5.5 hours.
Perfectly cooked, yet tender beef strips!
I vacuum pack mine with an oxygen absorber for long term storage.
Our favorite flavors are:
Cracked Pepper and Garlic
 Sweet Hardwood

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