CANDY WRAPPER Hair Bows or Bowties!

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 CANDY WRAPPER Hair Bows or Bowties!
 Upcycle those bags of candy into adorable hair or neck accessories!
 I used a My Little Pony Mylar Blind Bag...
 Cut off the top and bottom "sealed" edges.
 Fold over about 1/2 inch and carefully hot glue in place.
Too much hot glue will melt your plastic careful!
 Seal down the top and bottom edges.
 Now start in the center and gather or "accordion" fold right up the middle.
 Wrap about 15 times with heavy thread...and tie off.
 Then I used a sparkle glitter ribbon and hot glued it over the center.
 then added a giant plastic jewel!
 And hot glued an alligator clip on the backside.
 Looks fabulous!
I love that the ponies still show beautifully!
 Next I used a full size M&M's minis bag...
 I folded the edges into the center back and hot glued them in place.
 Then gathered it up the center as before...
 While pinching it off, wrap around the center with heavy thread about 15 times.
 Tie it off and fluff the bow!
 Because I love the combination of
"Something Old, Something New...and something blue!"
 I used a rhinestone slider buckle and some 1/2 inch ribbon.
 Just thread the ribbon through the buckle...
 And hot glued it around the bow.
 Then hot glue an alligator clip to the back!
Could also be used as a bowtie!
 They look super cute and it will get lots of attention!
Everyone can relate to a candy wrapper!
How are you re-using your trash?

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Unknown said…
Love this cute idea that uses things most of us already have at home! The items you chose to place in the center of the bows really add to the overall look, so I will look for something with pizazz as well, when we make ours. Thanks for sharing!
Abu Raihan said…
Nice looking
Joy to Live said…
Just ran across this...great idea and still sounds good 3 years later!