Doctor Who Party Week: Food, Snacks, Recipes and Treats!

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Here's the How-to's for loads of yummy
Doctor Who Party Food!

 Firstly, the ultimate:

Fish Fingers and Custard

 We actually used sugar cookies and vanilla pudding for this snack.
(although we did have fish and chips...
and my older kids and I tried the fish sticks in pudding and it was really awesome)

Okay, so we rolled out skinny tubes of sugar cookie dough
and rolled it in BROWN sugar and cinnamon.
 But when we cooked them, they spread...too much!

 So I used a butcher knife and cut the sides
 off while they were warm...

 And then let them cool off.
Perfect and Fish finger size!
 Then I cut the tops off of cheap plastic cups...since I didn't have bowls.
Cheap right?
And just a scoop of vanilla pudding in the
bottom with 2 cookie Fish fingers!

Adipose pops

 Cut some toothpicks in'll need 4 half pieces for each Adipose baby.
And be careful when giving these to small children.

 Stick the cut off end of the toothpick into a mini marshmallow.
 Then stick the pointy ends into 1 large marshmallow.
 2 on each side and 2 coming out from the bottom.
The Fat just walks away!

 Then we used BLACK gel food coloring and a tiny paint
brush and painted on the perfect little smile.

 Let them dry...
 Then we used some white candy coating and dipped the top
of their heads in it and added some galaxy blue sprinkles.
They are cute enough to eat!

These were super simple cupcakes with cream cheese frosting...
some blue color mist and some pearl sprinkles.

Sonic Screwdrivers

 These were definitely the favorite treat!
We used white candy coating, pretzel rods, sprinkles and blue spray coloring.
It was easy using the silpat silicone mats too!
 We melted down the candy coating,
held it over a plate while we sprinkled the galaxy sprinkles and pearls on the sticks.
 Then laid them on the silpat to cool off...which happens very quick!

 Then holding over a paper plate,
I super lightly misted a side of the candy coating with blue.
 My 5 year old son panicked that I was spray painting the food!
:) They looked great and tasted better!

Because my 5 year old is allergic to chocolate,
all of our party food reflects that.
So we made Butterscotch Chip Cookies...but
called them Dalek Ship Cookies.

Jelly Babies
We just had Gummy Bears and they were perfect...
no one noticed they weren't babies!

 We had fish and pics, but just from frozen bags.
And all the other snacks we had, we gave them snappy names...
like Raxacoricofallapatorius crisps, Zygon Husks,
Silurian Pods, Fresh Gangers, Gallifreyian Puffs and
Galaxy Guzzlers to drink!  Complete with bow tie!
Everyone at our party was thrilled about the food!
I hope you have some ideas for your party now too!  :)
Come back tomorrow for GAMES!

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C said…
Awesome!!! I loved your creative approach to fish fingers and custard! Your marshmallow adipose babies were brilliant!! And I love all the fun names you gave to otherwise regular snacks - well done!!! I will be putting some of your great ideas to good use this weekend!!! Thanks!
Unkonwn said…
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