Star Wars Birthday Party!

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6:00 AM
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 My son turned 4 over Labor day.
We had a 4 day birthday party celebration...meaning
candy, games, decorations and gifts for 4 days in a row!
It was just the family, but we made it lots of fun!
We used Red for the Empire and Blue for the Rebellion!
The table was set the same way...
A fun banner made by coloring book pages my daughter colored!
 Pin the Lightsaber on Yoda was the kids favorite game!
They each had several turns each day!

 I scanned a coloring book picture into the computer...
printed it out on several pieces of paper...
and then taped it together, cut it out and colored it!

 We had a bean bag toss game!
 That's No Moon!  Lollipop death stars!
 Random Star Wars quotes everywhere!

 And any toys we owned that were Star Wars themed!
 We had some double-bladed lightsaber dueling on a balance beam!
 the older kids loved it, especially when I joined in!
 He got a gun!  And wore his "D2" shirt from here.
 It was a terrific weekend.
I was happy to finally undecorate though!


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jess said…
Loved the Pin the lightsaber on Yoda game idea! We did it for my son's Star Wars party and the kids really liked it! Thanks so much!!