My Mad-Hatter Lamp!

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1:36 AM
It's my Mad-Hatter Lamp!
First we acquire a zillion pieces of china and tea-ish stuff...
I always do things in bulk...always.
 Then, patiently drill holes with a diamond bit...
we didn't break any dishes, but it drained the batteries on 
the drills that we had to recharge after ever 4 dishes or so...
 Here's the pile of ceramic, china, glass
and pottery plugs we drilled out...
{I'm saying "we" because my sis-in-law is my sidekick}
Then the fun part...we thought!
Deciding which pieces we like together!
 Which turned out hard because they looked ridiculous 
all multi-colored and freaky...
So we opted to paint them first...then decide.
Mostly neutral we did glossy white...
Teapots charcoal...except mine, I did Global Blue!
 Then I applied a super awesome flourish vinyl
cut with my Silhouette.
And the intricate wiring of the lamp
and PRESTO!  I did it!
 I love it so much!  I am freakin awesome!
 You know you want one.
I'll keep that in mind, as I've got 5 more to finish up!
Thanks for looking!
If you have some time, you can tell me how awesome I am!



Looks awesome lady!! Great job and I love that little fish!

Love your guts
My Scrap Diary said…
Oh my gosh Nat, you are awesome. This is an awesome lamp. And Alice in Wonderland is one of my fave themes! Can't wait to see the next ones.
Jess :)
Anne Peay said…
So love it! I love that you use power tools too! You go you doodle Mama!

You have great taste!
Barb said…
You are amazing!! I LOVE this!! Maybe once we move I can do something about it...
Leanne said…
Those are darling. I love the gray and that fish is totally awesome.
I love all of them!! This is one of many many projects on my to-do list. Fantastic!
You're right...I want one! It came out PERFECT!

Thanks for linking to "Meet Me On Monday"...

Take care,
ccoffey said…
LOVE this!!

. said…
These are fan-flippin-tastic!!!! You did a great job! :)

BTW, my daughters nickname is "Doodle". :)
Jamie said…
I so need to learn to do things in bulk.
Ali said…
Umm yeah... You are awesome! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Totally heading to Goodwill!
Our Corner said…
Love, love, LOVE these lamps. you're so creative!
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these are so cute! Is there a brand of lamp wiring kit you recommend? I bought a couple of old milk glass lamps with scary wires. I wanted to try to rewire them myself :)
The lamps turned out GREAT!!!!! I have been wanting to make one and have collected melamaine cups and plated to make one.
Aricana said…
This is absolutely awesome!!!!!!!
Karla said…
That's awesome, I may have to duplicate this for myself! Except I think I would try to find or make a top hat shaped lampshade. :)
Unknown said…
You are awesome! Love this so glad I found your blog