Unicorn Cake Topper cut with the Cricut Maker

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Unicorn Cake Topper cut with the Cricut Maker

Unicorns are magical and amazing--and they are everywhere!  Are you still loving the unicorn trend?  This unicorn cake topper takes a tropical twist and really is super simple to make.  This is a great way to celebrate a unicorn birthday party with little or no cake making skills.  

This is a fun Unicorn themed party I did a few years ago...this cake would have been perfect for it.

This cute Unicorn cake topper is made with paper and is the perfect finishing touch to a store bought cake or a stacked cake mix cake topped with sprinkles.  I'm not a baker...I don't make fancy cakes or food because it's too much work just to eat it.  

However, I love making themed parties and finding shortcuts for the perfect effects.  This cake topper would look darling on the top of a store bought cheesecake, birthday cake or even donut stack!

Unicorn Cake Topper Supplies Needed:

Cardstock paper in white, mint, turquoise, lime, pink and gold.
Softgrip Mat
Hot Glue Gun
Wooden Dowel 1/4 inch

Here's how to do the cake:

One box of cake mix
Two containers of frosting


The beauty of this cake pan set is that they only use one box of cake mix.  Simply mix up the cake mix and scoop one cup of batter into each pan.  

They all fit on the same rack in the oven all at the same time!  It's perfection.  Then it is easy to stack and make a gorgeous 6 inch cake.

After baking let the cakes cool down completely.  Cut off the top of the cake to make the top flat.  Then place some frosting on the cake stand.

Place one cake on the cakestand.  Next spread some frosting all over the cake and layer on the next cake.  Repeat the exact process for each cake.

After they are all stacked, use the frosting knife to spread frosting all over the sides and top of the cake.  Then top with a fun mix of sprinkles on the bottom and the top edges.

Now get to work on the Unicorn cake topper.  Cut out the images with the Cricut Maker.  Just use the softgrip mat so the paper does not tear when removing.

Continue cutting until you have all the needed pieces in gold, white, pink, turquoise and lime.

Then begin by hot gluing each piece on the mint paper.

Super cute, I love the tropical vibe with the ferns and the hibiscus.  There's lots of other unicorn flower options in Cricut Design Space™.

Then I decided to use some Glitterific paint in gold to add a little pizzazz to the unicorn horn.

Then use some scissors and cut out the shape.  Don't worry about making it too perfect.

Just give it a little border and it's ready to go.

Then hot glue the wooden dowel on the backside of the Unicorn cake topper.

Then insert the cake topper right into the top of the cake!  It's that easy.  And you can save the topper to use over and over.  I love how simple the Cricut Maker makes crafts like this.

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