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Star Wars R2D2 and BB8 Wood Cutouts!

Star Wars R2D2 and BB8 Wood Cutouts! Learn how to make your own Star Wars R2D2 and BB8 Droid cutouts using scrap wood, vinyl and paint. These cute droids make the perfect home decor, party decoration or the perfect handmade gift for a Star Wars fanatic! Move over cardboard cut-outs, these wood pieces are where it's at! They are sturdy, totally high quality and super unique! BB8 is by far, my favorite little droid. His big debut on Star Wars The Force Awakens was awesome. I threw a big  "force awakens" birthday party  back in 2016 to celebrate. These little guys were a huge part of the decorations. I've always loved Star Wars. I watched Empire Strikes Back when I was just 4 years old and loved it. I grew up watching the Battle of Endor and Jabba the Hutt. I love that Star Wars has lasted through the generations and given us all a common theme/love/obsession that spans more than just one age group. May the 4th Be With You is just around the corner and it's the perf

How to Make a Luminary with Cricut Knife Blade

How to Make a Luminary with Cricut Knife Blade I love the new Knife Blade for the Cricut Maker .  This was my first knife blade project and I love how it turned out.  Learn how to make a fabulous lampshade or luminary with paper and chipboard.   Makes a unique piece of home decor or centerpiece for a fancy event. Just place over a simple lamp or use a battery operated candle inside. I posted this back in 2018 and then Cricut made some Design Space changes and my pattern was no longer available for a while. It's updated now and you can make this gorgeous luminary today! My luminary was designed to fit over an existing lamp that I made--all the details for this reclaimed wood lamp is on this  post here . This gorgeous luminary is easy to make and just uses paper and chipboard.  This paper luminary is beautiful on it's own. It looks like church windows, stained glass or delicate rice paper partitions.  This same pattern makes a great candle lantern too and the glow is perfection

How to Make Harry Potter Cake Topper with Cricut!

How to Make Harry Potter Cake Topper with Cricut! Hi friends! I'm super excited about this Harry Potter Cake Topper post, mostly because it meant I got to have a Harry Potter birthday party over the weekend and eat lots of cake--like an unholy amount of delicious cake!  This Harry Potter cake topper is the perfect crowning piece for the ultimate geek inspired birthday party. The Harry Potter universe is full of symbols, familiars and characters. That made making this happy birthday Harry Potter cake topper a cinch!  You can make this too using my pattern and a  Cricut Machine ! Set the scene for the perfect Harry Potter birthday party by gathering anything you've got that is Harry Potter themed. You can even hang a sweatshirt or hoodie as a backdrop. I've got a Harry Potter Funko Pop figurine, glasses, Luna Lovegood's glasses , a generic scarf (that is not actually the right colors). Once you've source actual merchandise, look around for anything vintage...frames,