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Tabletop Jewelry Armoire!

Found this at the DI for $4...pretty good condition too! Had a few knicks and paint chips... Originally I thought I would paint it...but it's pretty intricate,  so I just mixed up some paint the same color and filled in the gaps... for now...    And while I decide how to go on this, I am happily using it! Any thoughts on painting this? Should I just do a stencil on the top? Rough it up a bit? Just leave a good thing alone?

Lounge Chair Rockin' Redo!!!!

LOOK WHAT I DID! My friend asked if I could recover her favorite chair. I said yes...but she didn't realize I've never actually done it! (not a beginner sewing project) {I heard that if your sewing machine is having troubles... most of the time the needle is to blame! So best to change your needle after every 4 hours of sewing...} I took this plaid lounge rocker... and made it rockin'!  The zebra print upholstery is from Hobby is so nice! The back and front look identical, so you don't have to worry too much about "right" sides! No seriously took some major mental  preparation to start cutting into the fabric! I used the cushions as a guideline. I wanted it to fit tight, so I cut it only about an inch or two bigger on each side. I built the pieces to just slip over the existing fabric... the plaid was sewn right to the padding. And then cut a "sock" shaped piece to sew in the ed

400 Cards!

We did a day of service in our church last week... I was asked to help design/cut/prepare (just not assemble) 400 cards! 4 cards, 100 of each! Here they are--doesn't look like a big deal,  but that represents 4 hours of service alone!  :) There was a great turnout!  Lots of families there to help put cards together! They will be donated to a local meal delivery service to brighten the days of the elderly.

Rockabilly purse!

 I had a purse in mind that I wanted to remodel... but just needed the motivation to do it! So, here's that purse in all it's faded, stained glory! Okay, when I bought it for $1, I secretly knew all I wanted was the hardware...  So I took it all apart and use the faded yellow hearts as a semi-pattern... If you remember my Houndstooth bow pillow ... You'll recognize that it was the precursor to my purse...  Same houndstooth fabric...cut into pieces  Decided I wanted a fat zipper a couple inches from the top...  sewed in the zipper to start...I am assuming if you are  actually reading this tutorial that you have a basic sewing education... so I don't need to give over-detailed info. {sorry if I am wrong}  Decided the lining and accents HAD to be RED!  Cut a piece the same as the zipper side and sewed it together right sides out.  For the other side, the lining was made with pouchy pockets... perfect for "Gi