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Origami Week!

Here's all the fun Origami Projects we've done this week! Money shirt and tie! Sunburst Box Flapping Paper Crane Gift Box 8 page book!

Origami Flapping Paper Crane Mobile!

 If you didn't check out yesterday's post about the Origami Favor Box, check it out! This one is pretty similar... Growing up my dad always made the origami flapping crane for us kids. I learned how to fold many things...but I couldn't remember the crane. Ever. I decided to teach my kids how to make one, and thus learn myself.  Here's the step by step we found...sorry, I don't have a source. I used double sided SQUARE paper for ease of following the pictures. Pink on one on the other! Fold it in half 4 ways...2 long ways, 2 diagonal.  This was the hardest part for my 10 and 9 year olds. Squishing in the sides. (okay, now I skipped a insert pic from yesterday) Then open those folds and flip them inside...  Like this.  Then press down flat.  Has a slit in the center. Fold open the slits  And it will look like this.  My kids said it looked like legs.  Fold up the flaps away from the legs so all t

Origami Favor Sunburst Box!

Origami Party Favor Candy Box! I decided to teach the kids some origami...after all, it's the best skill to have when surrounded by square sheets of paper! Here's the step by step... Square paper, folded in half all 4 ways... That center where all the lines intersect will be  the bottom center of the box...just fyi. Tuck in 2 of the smaller squares To make a square sandwich Then fold over the sides to the center line make a kite shape. Fold them from the loose points down... Do this on all 4 edges. Open up the folds to make their own little kite shape Do this on all 4 sides Then fold them over onto themselves... Like this Fold the tops over to the center line, just like you did on the other side  Until you've folded all the edges in like this  Then take the 4 flaps and fold them over...  And crease them  Repeat on all 4 sides...  Open up the inside of the box...  Pushing the bottom out gently! Like