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Naked Cake Tutorial Succulents & Cake Topper!

 Naked Cake Tutorial with Succulents and Cake Topper! Naked cakes, silly name for a cake with hardly any frosting. Ha ha, I'm right though. And check out this gorgeous cake topper!  I used my Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine to cut the image.  It only takes seconds and it is so easy to upload your own images into Cricut Design Space.  I am part of Cricut's blogger program and I love it!  I used a chocolate cake and white cream cheese frosting so you could see the contrast easily. You will need 2 six inch round cakes.  The wider the cake, the more layers you'll want so it ends up as tall as it is wide.  Place one cake on the cake stand.  Add a layer of frosting.  And stack the next layer on top.  Use a serrated knife to cut the top flat.  Next you just need to add a layer of frosting all over the cake.  Then scrape the frosting to remove any excess.  It makes it look cool and desert like!  I love the look! It's great too, most people don't love ton

DIY: Fairy Garden House and Miniatures!

 DIY: Fairy Garden House and Miniatures! This fairy garden was so fun to make! I received the special paint from Plaid Crafts. You will need: Paint, rocks, Big pot, plants, fun fairy pieces and a bird or fairy house. There are  surfaces to paint and the perfect little bird houses at Plaid Crafts. I made my own with scrap wood. I love how it's smaller at the bottom than the top. I left the house open so that things could be added to it, like a hammock upstairs and a table and chairs downstairs. You'll want this fantastic paint too-- Painted Finishes! I used the concrete finish and the moss finish. I love how it looks like it was made with's textured too! Then I added the moss to the edges. There's a light green and a bright green...they look so perfect together. I love the 2 step painting technique! I made a little arched door out of polymer clay. It doesn't open, just glued to the side to look cute. We got