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Upcycled Wood Thought-Bubble Chalkboard Photo-Prop Sign!

  We wanted to make a funny thought  bubble chalkboard photo prop sign...  So I freehandedly drew a bubble on a piece of scrap wood  I cut it out on the bandsaw sprayed it with 3 layers of chalkboard spray paint  edged it in white, for fun. prepped it with chalk...the grooves are less than ideal...but whatev.  screwed on a stick...also scrap I found on the side of the road. Then...just add words!   Thinking bubble was Hailee's masterpiece... yes, she is dreaming of candy...such a girl! Way fun for any fun announcement  you might have!

New and improved, cuter, Super Spinner prize wheel!

I was able to make another Super spinner wheel for a friend. I had an epiphany on how to improve upon  an already awesome spinner! Read this tutorial first,  then this one will make sense: Instead of cutting my vinyl into  triangles that could easily pull up... I traced the entire lazy susan onto my dry erase vinyl  Cut off an additional 1/2 inch...and pasted  the whole thing down on top! Then, using striped washi tape, I made lined divisions!  Seriously, so much cuter and more functional! Pounded in the nails, and put on a zip tie!  I love it!  I must redo mine now!

Upcycled wood Star Wars Mirrored sign: May the Force be with you!

  I have this tiny little half bathroom  off the side of the laundry room. It doesn't get used much, but it is SUPER boring! This is what it looks like when  you are just sitting there. A big, huge mirror.  lovely. And we rent, so that's a no on taking  down the flag trim border either... So I had a great plan to make a  sign to fill the wall. I found this FREE scrap piece of  wood on the side of the road. It was full of holes, had grease stains and cuts...  the back side looked slightly better.  I cut it 2 by 3 feet and round routed the edges. Primed it lightly in white  Then added some brushed on colors...  I had a little helper too!  And some light copper spray...the helper did that part too! Then I coated it with gray spray paint.  It took me a few days to decide what to put on the sign... Then, it hit me! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU! What a perfect phrase to put in the bathroom! Used my silho

Redone/updated Rook Bookends!

   I got these Horse head bookends a while ago... and while I knew they were cool, I didn't  like that they were clear glass... It was too hard to actually SEE them!  So, I lightly misted the Rooks with  Metallic Gun Metal spray paint.  They are still cool and ethreal... airy, light, illusory, gossamer, subtle...    Horse head/rook bookends...totally in. I love them now!