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Floracraft Styrofoam Unicorn Horn Headband DIY!

 Floracraft Styrofoam Unicorn Horn Headband DIY! Unicorns are a thing of magic and wonder.  Everyone and everything wants to be a Unicorn.  Put a unicorn horn on everything!  Floracraft knows what we want and is releasing these Styrofoam horns in a 4 pack at Hobby Lobby in July--so you can make all the unicorn crafts easily.  Turn it into a cake topper, make a costume for your dog, add it to a pumpkin...or anything you can think of! I decided to turn mine into a headband.  One can never have too many crowns, tiaras or unicorn horn headbands.  In 15 minutes, minus some paint drying can have a gorgeous headband ready to wear! Supplies Needed: Foam Unicorn Horn Treasure Gold FolkArt Paint in Gold Marabu Feather Silk Flower Wide Headband Hot Glue/Gun Needle and Thread  Painting styrofoam is simple, but it needs a few coats.  I painted this horn about 4 times, letting it dry in between.  Now set your clock for 15 minutes and you'll be a unicorn in a jif

25 Magical Unicorn Crafts + DIY's!

25 Magical Unicorn Crafts + DIY's! Unicorns are the greatest!  They are magical and mythical--and oh, so cute!  Make all things Unicorns for birthday parties, accessories, gifts and more.  Using things that are recycled...Lego pieces...wearables, papercrafts and more.  Here's 26 awesome Unicorn craft ideas!  Scroll through this list of fabulous ideas, click the links to see the tutorial and making details...and leave me a comment telling me your favorite Unicorn craft! Unicorn Cake Topper Lego Unicorn Silk Flower Unicorn Wreath You won't believe what this closed eye is made of! Unicorn Headphones Unicorn Ring Dish How to Paint a Unicorn Rock Unicorn Planters Unicorn Iron On Hat Unicorn Horn Calligraphy Pens Unicorn Planter Unicorn and Lion Shirt Unicorn Popcorn Box Unicorn Coloring Page Framed  Unicorn Party Upcycled T-Shirt Unicorn Sleep Mask Unicorn Shirt Rainbow Cupcakes! Glass Etched Un