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Top 16 Posts of the Year!

  Here's my top 16 posts of the year! Thank you for viewing my projects and giving me a reason to keep posting! Comic Book Make-up and Bow! Maleficent Staff Wire Wrapped Pendants Zelda Heart Container Necklace Leather Bound Journal Sweet Potato Chips  Patriotic Stripes Tie Dye   Watercolor with Frisket  Candy Wrapper Purse   Candy Wrapper Bow  Lace Crown DIY Floating Locket Charms  Tree of Life Wire Pendant    Hello Stamp  Wire Wrapped Rings   Shabby Chic Hairbows! This post published on Doodlecraft first

Inspirational Quotes Visiting Teaching Handouts for the Year!

 Inspirational Quotes Visiting Teaching Handouts for the Year! I got you covered for the entire year! ~ Just right click to save off, then print! Personal use can thank me by pinning, sharing, linking, and liking! Cut them out and attach to something, then visit and  deliver to your friends every month! Or give for a handout in church! Listen with Love Henry B Eyring  The most important thing is to keep trying Dieter F Uchtdorf  We are infinitely more than our afflictions Jeffery R Holland  Do not fear the future; go forward with hope and faith Boyd K. Packer  Try a little harder to be a little better Gordon B. Hinckley  First Observe then Serve Linda K Burton  True Love Blooms when we care more about another person than we care about ourselves. Jeffrey R Holland  Things will work out.  Keep trying.  Be believing.  Don't get discouraged.  Things will work out. Gordon B Hinckley  Fill your life with Service to Others Richard G

Washi Tape Bunting--Perfect for Parties!

Washi Tape Bunting--Perfect for Parties! Perfect centerpiece for your New Year's Eve party and it's so simple!  You just need: Bakers twine, about 12 inches Washi tape, about 3-7 different patterns 2 Wooden Skewers Something to stab them into!  Just peel off about 3-4 inches of washi tape and fold it over the bakers twine so it lines up.  Then cut the edges like a bunting or pennant banner! Tie the twine on the skewers and stab it into something! I love the gold washi tape...I found it at Dollar Tree! Go for glam!  I picked a topless pineapple! Goes great in cake, brownies, a pie, an apple...any kind of fruit! These are great centerpieces...or perfect for any dessert/dinner table! This would look phenomenal on an entire fruit, shrimp, cheese, meat or veggie platter!  They give it some height, but they don't block the view of other people. So simple, cheap and super super fast to make! You can do this!   This post publishe