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Shrink Plastic Name Necklace!

Here I am using shrink plastic again to make a necklace!    Much like this   Hello Necklace    But a little different. I used a cursive font to print out the name. Then traced it onto shrink plastic!  I cut it out about 1/8th inch around and punched a hole in the sides...  Then I used 3 shades of blue markers... you could use sharpies...I used copics. And colored it lightly...since when it shrinks, it brightens quite a bit. I did it in an ombre effect...  I put it in the oven for about 5 minutes in the 350* F oven. It's terrifying every time! It will curl up and then flatten back out.  After taking it out and letting it cool... I used a broken up necklace and some jump rings...  Hooked the name on the beads.  Fixed it all up and looks glam!  She loves it! It's so hard to find things with her name on it... since we spelled it a little differently. Great way to make a custom gift for others with hard to find names! Thi

Painted Wooden Bowls!

 Painted Wooden Bowls!  I found some wooden bowls at the thrift store. They were cheap and had some spots on them that wouldn't clean out.  So I decided to paint the outside of each bowl. I used steel blue, aqua and emerald. (Just the paints I had on hand)  They needed 2 coats each! Much better and set to dry...  Then I painted the top edge. I love the wood finish showing on the inside. I filled it with fabulous shiny rocks and a succulent! Love them! And, of course, I am on the prowl for more wooden bowls! This post published on Doodlecraft first

Mini 3-Tier Wedding Cake Cupcakes!

 Isn't this the cutest thing?  Mini 3-Tier Wedding Cake Cupcakes! And the adorable cupcake stand is from Wholeport.  Here's how it started. I made a cake mix in a pie pan or cookie sheet. Then used cookie cutters to cut out little circles of the cake... Then stuck them in the freezer until they were firm.  They stack up cute! I trimmed them so they would be even...but it would  make an adorable Mad Hatter Cake too!  Then I used buttercream frosting and tried my "best" to frost it...  Totally crummy.  What a mess. Tasted good, but not lovely.    Okay, so then I decided to make marshmallow fondant... the same stuff I used for Edible Googly Eyes! All you need is marshmallows, water and powdered sugar!  Put 4 oz. of marshmallows in a microwave bowl  with 1 tablespoon of water. Heat them up in the microwave for about a minute until they are puffy!  Stir them up.  Add powdered sugar until smooth and able to handle. Then

Plan a Carnival DIY Style!

Plan a Carnival or a Fabulous Out-of-School Party! Spinner wheel Mini Fishing pond Deep Sea Fishing Kit! Punch box Bean Bag Toss This post published on Doodlecraft first