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2 Ingredient Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe

2 Ingredient Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe! Check out this quick and easy recipe for delicious chocolate peanut butter fudge. It can be made in minutes and ready to eat in less than a half hour. Perfect dessert for parties, events or just because! I love simple recipes! This Peanut Butter Fudge recipe is awesome. It's super simple, just 2 ingredients and it's fast. If you need a quick treat for a thing, this is it! I served this at my birthday party...and I might have finished it off. Plus I made some for a church party and it was a hit too! No one guessed it was so simple! Just 2 pantry ingredients will whip up this peanut butter fudge in a couple minutes. My recipe is for Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge, but you can get creative--and you'll see how in a second. Just 2 Ingredients! It's peanut butter (obviously from the title) and frosting! When I was a child, my mom sometimes made us peanut butter and frosting sandwiches or cookies...sandwiched in between graham crackers.

How to Make Valentine Party Cupcake Toppers

How to Make Valentine Party Cupcake Toppers Make a Valentine party extra special with a table filled with cupcakes. These cute cake and cupcake toppers turn a simple cupcake into something much more magical! They are easy to make and fast--totally worth the effort for a little extra. Last weekend was my birthday and birthday week! I had such a great time hosting a series of 5 giveaways! I loved reading the birthday comments and stories from all of you. I laughed at some of the stories and felt the excitement of birthdays through your experiences too.  Everything from surprise parties that went off without a hitch, to limo rides around town and all the favorite gifts--mostly homemade gifts. I love all the comments, thank you! I've just tallied up the giveaways and emailed the winners...if I don't hear back from them, I'll draw another name. Hopefully you were one of the winners! I love parties and we are going to move right into Valentine's day party fun!  Chocolate is m

Cricut Maker Valentines Wavy Cut Blade Heart Cards

Cricut Maker Valentines Wavy Cut Blade Heart Cards I love my  Cricut Maker ! I've been testing out some of the new tools for the adaptive tool set. I wasn't sure if I would like the Wavy blade, but it's really fun!  This cute Valentine Card inspired by conversation hearts is easy to make using the Cricut Maker, drawing pen and the wavy cut blade. Insert a lollipop for the perfect Valentine's Day gift! Giveaway details at the end of the post. Make the most darling Valentine's to pass out to friends, school teachers and coworkers! These cute cards have lots of room for writing on the inside...or make them without a card base and just sign your name. Supplies Needed: Cricut Maker Cricut Wavy Blade Cricut Pens and Markers Cricut Cardstock Sampler  Fine Point Cutting Blade (included with machine) Cricut Cutting Mat Lollipops Foam Tape Permanent Adhesive And this Cricut Design Space Project I designed! Cut out the Hearts with the Wavy Blade!