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Handmade Jewelry!

PandaHall sent me Jewelry Supplies to make all the following Necklaces! They specialize in everything jewelry! They are wholesale and bulk, perfect supplier for summer camp crafts, party crafts, for business making, or just for playing! For details on each one, just click the links or pictures! Hematite Taper Necklace Gold Chain Tassel Necklace! Candy Necklace Vintage Style Ribbon Bookmark! Layered Chain Filigree Necklace! Gold Faceted Flapper Necklace! Floating Faceted Bead Necklace! This post published on Doodlecraft first 

Gold Faceted Flapper Necklace!

Gold Faceted Flapper Necklace! Make an extra long faceted bead necklace! I received all these Jewelry Making Supplies from PandaHall in exchange for this review/tutorial!  You will need: 10mm Half Plated Electropate Gold Beads 6mm Half Plated Electroplate Gold Beads 4mm Half Plated Electroplate Gold Beads Brass Eyepins You will also need jewelry pliers I love these half electroplated beads...just half of them is gold The other half looks shiny silver and crystal like. I work on a beading board. Just cut open each string of beads and put them in separate little piles.  Just place a random bead arrangement on an eyepin... clip the end of the eyepin to about 1/2 inch and loop it around the round jewelry pliers. This makes the perfect round loop.  The next section gets looped right onto the last eyepin...and repeat!  I wanted mine to be an extra long necklace. I used about 40 eyepins.  I love the gold and the vibrate crystal colors! This is a cla

Gold Layered Filigree Necklace!

 Gold Layered Filigree Necklace! PandaHall sent me Jewelry Supplies to review in exchange for this tutorial! They specialize in bulk wholesale jewelry!    You will need: Gold Chain Gold Eyepins Filigree Flower (I had this one on had... but PandaHall has some like this too )  Layered chains...this chain is really great quality! Cut 3 pieces of chain: 22", 24" and 26"  Used a barrel clasp to hook them together, but a jump would work too.  We used wire to weave through the filigree and then hook it on the chain necklace up near the lapel.  Like so! Looks awesome on my adorable cousin!!!  Totally chic and classy! Check out PandaHall for more Great Chains! This post published on Doodlecraft first