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How to Make a Paper Basket!

How to Make a Paper Basket! A paper basket is adorable and so easy to make!  Make this cute paper basket with just one square piece of paper...or double them up for a color block look! This was posted back in 2017 and I just knew it needed a refresh! I love this bright paper--these colors are my spectrum for sure! Which combination is your favorite? Here's my youtube video showing the basket making process! These are great baskets for neighbors, teachers, Easter/Spring or other gift-giving holidays, birthdays, get wells and other care packages. I love making paper baskets and then just placing one bag of candy in the basket and tying it with a ribbon. It's easy, simple and inexpensive...but looks amazing, thoughtful and time consuming. Supplies Needed for Paper Basket: 12x12 Square Cardstock Sheets (2 sheets for sturdier, multi-colored basket) Or this double sided paper Scoring board and stylus (or ruler and stylus) Ribbon Hole punch Treats, Goodies, Small Toys, Craft Supplie

How to Make a Dreamcatcher!

How to Make a Dreamcatcher! Learn how to make a dreamcatcher with this simple tutorial! Dreamcatchers are beautiful, whimsical and full of creative possibilities. Native American Culture! Dreamcatchers are common in many tribes in Native American culture.  Dreamcatchers are believed to catch bad dreams in the web and let good dreams pass through into your sleep. Dreamcatchers can be a variety of sizes, different colors, adorned with feathers and beads and more! Ideally a dreamcatcher is a combination of natural materials, to give it a very earthy energy. Every Native American tribe has some differences on the symbolism of the dreamcatcher, but I don't know all the nuances, so I'm just making something beautiful, natural and fun. Dreamcatchers are easy to make and highly addictive! I mean, I sat down to make one dreamcatcher and look at how many I made! These beautiful dreamcatchers make a great Summer camp, girls craft night or youth craft too. Supplies Needed to Make a Dreamca

How to Make a Circle Wood Sign

How to Make a Circle Wood Sign! Make the perfect wood circle hello sign. These circle signs are all the rage and they are a perfect alternative to a wreath or door hanging.  Make a darling hello sign with a wooden circle pallet, some paint, ribbon and a galvanized hello! This cute door sign or entry way plaque is perfect for any time of the year. They are a great handmade gift and can be customized any way you desire.  Make them match the holiday or even make them interchangeable. Supplies Needed for Circle Wood Sign: Wood Pallet Circle  (From Plaid Online) (or Get a pack of 4 solid wood circles here) Paint  Paintbrush Buffalo Plaid Ribbon Galvanized Hello Hot Glue/Gun Step 1: Paint! Begin by painting the lower half of the sign. I followed the slat lines, so it was super easy. If you have a solid round circle, just use painters tape to mask off a straight line. Then paint the lower half. I picked a charming turquoise, which feels like Fall to me...but pick whichever color you love. Ste