5 Formal Holiday Dresses from Amazon for Less Than $30

5 Formal Holiday Dresses from Amazon for Less Than $30 The holidays are all about dressing nice, right!? Plan ahead to make sure you are ready for all the events--with plenty of time for any sizing issues. Parties, dances, dinners, events, weddings, galas and other black tie affairs need the perfect dress. I love any excuse to dress up and I love an inexpensive Amazon find. Here are 5 of my most favorite dresses found on Amazon--coming in at $30 or less! Add a fancy necklace, tights, bracelets, jewelry, belt and clutch and you can be as dressy as you want! Amazon affiliate links included. Thank you for supporting my page! 😘​ Dress 1: Flutter Sleeves Find this dress HERE ON AMAZON This dress comes in 17 different colors!!! I love this dress so much. I bought it in black when I was at a heavier weight and wore it with floral tights. I dressed it up with a necklace and heavy Winter eyeliner. I'm 5'2" and it comes right to my knee. About 165 pounds here and wearing the size l

How to Make an Ice Cream Bomb!

How to Make an Ice Cream Bomb! Move over Hot Chocolate Bombs--it's time for Ice Cream Bombs! These super rich and decadent desserts are perfect for a yummy treat any day of the week. Loaded with chocolate, sitting on a warm brownie, filled with creamy ice cream and topped with hot fudge--these are sure to be a crowd pleaser! Ice cream bombs are a surprise treat! Stacked on a warm brownie from the oven then hot fudge topping drizzled over the reveal a scoop of smooth ice cream!  It's the perfect dessert--and sure to please the crowds! Supplies Needed for Ice Cream Bombs: Silicone Mold Silicone Pastry Brush Chocolate Melts Sea Salt Caramel Truffle Ice Cream (or ice cream of choice) Electric Skillet Ice Cream scoop Hot Fudge Topping Warm Brownies Cupcake Tray Freezer Step 1: Chocolate Mold Begin by melting the chocolate melts and stirring them smooth with spoon. Do not overheat melts. Then use the pastry brush to paint a layer of chocolate inside each of the silicone mold

How to Throw a Luau Tropical Party!

How to Throw a Luau Tropical Party! I love a great tropical vibe--and a luau party is the perfect way to celebrate! Let me show you some simple ways to set up a tropical luau party! Watercolor some hibiscus flowers, make tropical cupcakes and cookies, decorate with pineapple, shells and balloons.  Let's get started! Hibiscus flowers are my absolute favorite flower. I love the cheery colors and delicate features. Tropical hibiscus are divine--and make a great diy element to a luau tropical party. Supplies Needed for Luau Tropical Party: Balloon Garland  ( full post here ) Parrot Honeycomb Wood Beads Tropical Fruit Punch Drink   Cookies, Cupcakes, Treats Letterboard Beer Can Glasses Tropical Palm Leaves Hibiscus Watercolors This Tropical Fruit Punch is the perfect drink!  I learned how to make this on my trip to Turks and Caicos and it brings me back just with a sip. Such a great mocktail for a luau! Make cupcakes and decorate them with colorful sprinkles. Think bright pinks, orange