Boss Level Shirt with Cricut Iron-on Foil DIY

Boss Level Shirt with Cricut Iron-on Foil DIY! Take your conference call Zoom t-shirt up to the next level with the Boss level shirt. It's easy to make high quality shirts using a Cricut cutting machine, heat transfer vinyl and an Easypress. I love making shirts! They are fast and inexpensive for a fun, custom finish! Lots of us have spent more time at home and indoors during the past year than we'd like to admit. Loungewear is all the rage, it's the new black, it's trending. Make some fun shirts to lounge around in, and yet still assert your dominance.  We're all familiar with the 'Boss level' right? You know when you were a kid...or yesterday, playing video games, fighting from room to room. After a long and arduous battle, the big boss would appear and put you through the paces.  Some of my favorite Nintendo games were of course, Mario Brothers 1-3, although #2 was my total favorite...I could beat the entire game in just 20 minutes--a little longer if I d

How to Make Paper Flowers 22 Ways!

How to Make Paper Flowers 22 Ways! Paper flowers are one of my most favorite crafts to make. I love them because they are so budget's just paper! Plus, I am super allergic to flowers...I get body aches and headaches just from having them around me. Paper flowers to the rescue! Especially this time of year, at least in Utah, there aren't a lot of bright colors around. The sky is mostly gray and the snow is also piled up, dirty and gray. January just needs some brightly colored flowers to freshen it up! Here's 22 different ways to make paper flowers. Which one is your favorite? Coffee Filter Flowers Dahlia Paper Flower Wreath  Giant Peony Flowers Giant Paper Poinsettia Poinsettia Wreath Tissue Paper Pom-Poms Coffee Filter Flower Wreath Letterboard Paper Flowers Quilled Paper Cards   Pinwheel Wreath Paper Flower Wreath 3D Flower Snowflake Bunting! Crepe Paper Flowers Paper Flowers Made with Cricut Joy Giant Coffee Filter Flower Crepe Paper Roses Wreath    Giant

How to Make Vinyl Magnets with Cricut Maker!

How to Make Vinyl Magnets with Cricut Maker! Learn how to make your own vinyl magnets using the Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Air 2 . This fun DIY is quick and makes a fun gift. Plus, these can stick on cars, metal water bottles, car bumper stickers, lockers and much more! Design any image you want, even something you drew yourself and turn it into the perfect magnet. Stick around to the end of the post for all my tips on starting your own Cricut Business, Everything you need to know before buying a Cricut and a bunch of Homemade Cricut Gift ideas! Are you familiar with Fallout 4? It's a first person shooter, post apocalyptic game with quests, companions and lots of radiated monsters. The currency of the game is bottle caps, hence Nuka Girl as the cola mascot. There's magazines you can collect, that's the Grognak magnet below. It's my husbands favorite video game. He plays it with various mods every Winter to help him cope with the cold. I decided to make some Fallout