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Which Tumbler Heat Press is the Best?

Which Tumbler Heat Press is the Best? Are you in the market for a Tumbler Heat Press!? You are probably wondering which one of the many, many, many, heat presses available is the best one. I have reviewed 5 tumbler heat presses and will break them all down here. Is there a single "best" choice? No. They all have pros and cons. But I'll tell you which one I would buy if I could only get one, and list out the pros and cons to each. Here's a link to my youtube video highlighting just 4 of them. Okay. For all of 5 of these tumbler heat presses, I used the same sublimation printer, sublimation paper, sublimation ink and tumbler blanks. The only difference here is the tumbler heat press. Each tumbler turned out perfect, no issues with the prints. They are all excellent machines. Go2Craft Auto Tumbler Heat Press (Direct link to the product:  Go2Craft Auto Tumbler Heat Press ) Sublimates Tumblers, Mugs and Glass  12-30 ounces Pros: Vertical Orientation Even Heat Temperature C

How to do Hand Lettering with Free Printable Worksheets

How to do Hand Lettering with Free Printable Worksheets! Have you wanted to learn how to do hand lettering? Have you tried it already? Do you love it? Let me teach you how to do hand lettering! It's a gorgeous style of writing that does not need any skill in penmanship, handwriting or even cursive. It's an art form, where you shape and style the letters in a fluid and playful way. It takes practice, but is fun and rewarding. This trend is not going anywhere, so learn how to do it today! It might be the creative escape you need, it might blossom into a business! Use my free lettering worksheets (link at the end of the post) to practice the basic drills, learn letter shapes and begin to develop your own style.  Use this full tutorial to become one of the new hand letterers this year! Follow me on Instagram for the right place for nearly daily hand lettering inspiration! I started working on my modern hand lettering/calligraphy back in 2015. However, I've had decades of writin

10 Cricut Maker 3 Projects!

Cricut Maker 3 Projects! The Cricut Maker family is my absolute favorite cutting machine and the one I highly recommend. I have the Cricut Maker 3 and love it. I use it all the time. I love that it has the adaptive tool and can be used for so many different blades, tools and options. I think Cricut crafting has a quick learning curve, and so having more tools to grow with the machine is the best possible option. You might not want to start with cutting fabric, but having it as an option is great! Cricut Maker 3 Cricut Maker 3 Essentials Material Bundle Cricut Maker 3 Everything Material Bundle Cricut Maker 3 Smart Materials and Tool Bundle Cricut Machine Tools and Blades Cricut Fine Point Replacement Blade Cricut Knife Blade Cricut Deep Point Blade Cricut Foil Transfer Kit Cricut Engraving Tool Cricut Rotary Blade Cricut Debossing Tip Cricut Wavy Blade Cricut Bonded Fabric Blade Cricut Perforation Blade Cricut Double Scoring Wheel Cricut Scoring Wheel Here's 10 projects to make wit