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I'm a Fantastic Beast Funny Bowtruckle Shirt DIY with Cricut and Lego

I'm a Fantastic Beast Funny Bowtruckle Shirt DIY   Make a hilarious shirt to wear to the movies next month to celebrate the last installment of Fantastic Beasts!  This funny shirt features Pickett, the bowtruckle, which would look great on a tee shirt pocket too!   Just like Newt Scamander and his suitcase full of fantastic beasts.  Let's get started, affiliate links included in post. Lego sent me these fun products to review.  What do you think about the Brick Headz?  I wasn't sure at first, but they are adorable!  I love that little Hedwig!  And then I got a bunch of blind bags --they were all different too! Okay, check out this Newt Scamander minifigure!   That's Pickett in his jacket!  Plus, make a Niffler coin purse here. And these fun 6 Harry Potter characters...I love that little golden snitch and Luna Lovegood! For the Shirt Supplies:  Cricut Maker   Cricut EasyPress 2 (large size)   EasyPress Mat   Iron-on Vinyl   T-Shirt Right click to save off th

Felix Felicis Resin Necklace DIY!

Felix Felicis Resin Necklace DIY! Make liquid luck to wear around your neck. Are you a fan of Harry Potter like me? I love the books, the movies and all the merch! Use Jewelry Resin to make a Felix Felicis Liquid Luck vial necklace to wear and showcase your true devotion to the Wizarding World. SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR LIQUID LUCK: EnviroTex Jewelry Resin Mica Powder in Gold Pipette Glass Tear-drop Vial Mixing Cups, Stirring sticks, gloves Chain, Jump Ring and Jewelry Pliers STEP 1: MIXING JEWELRY RESIN Begin by reading the directions for properly mixing resin. Usually if a resin project does not turn out, it’s probably due to mixing improperly.  Pour equal amounts of the resin and the hardener into a cup and stir gently for 2 full minutes. Then pour the resin into a second cup and mix with a second stirring stick for another full minute. STEP 2: MIX IN THE MICA POWDER After mixing the resin in the full 2 phase process, add a little bit of the gold Mica Powder and gently stir it into the re

100 Grand YouTube Playbutton Party 100K Subs!

100 Grand YouTube Play Button Party! YouTube themed party with Kazoo Does Art as she celebrates her 100K subscribers play button or YouTube Creator Award! This party just had to showcase the 100 Grand--the red and white packaging match YouTube perfectly and the fact that Kazoo got the 100K subscriber button. It is just too perfect! Kazoo Does Art Okay,  Kazoo Does Art  is my 17 year old daughter. She is a YouTube animator and is most well known for her animatics based on the Dream SMP. She has the cutest art style that just resonates with her viewers.  If you haven't checked her out, do it. Your kids (or anyone under the age of 25) will love her and totally get it.  She's been working super hard for a few years, but rededicated herself at the end of 2020. In January 2021, she had a video go viral and she went quickly from about 600 followers to 11,000 in just a couple weeks.  Since then, her channel has just kept growing. She has a discord server, she's been featured/react

Floral Painted Easter Eggs Dyed with Tombow Markers

Floral Painted Easter Eggs!  Painting eggs was never my favorite craft.  I did not like painting or dying eggs as a child...but I'm kind of hooked now!  Just a simple project too--dying eggs with markers and then just adding a touch of paint to make loose florals. These are stunning and would look amazing on the Easter brunch table...perfect shades of brights and pastel colors. Step 1: Cook the Eggs Cook the eggs according to the directions for the Hamilton Beach Egg Cooker.  It just takes about 18 minutes for the perfectly cooked egg.  No brown/blue discoloration around the yolks, perfection every time! Supplies Needed for Floral Painted Easter Eggs: Hamilton Beach Egg Cooker The cooker works fast and cooks up to 7 Eggs to a hard cook in about 18 minutes. Tombow Markers Plastic bag or plastic wrap Small spray bottle Apple Barrel Acrylic Craft Paint Detail Paintbrush Step 2: Color the Cooked Eggs  Begin by coloring with the markers di